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Flegma - Second Nature (ALBUM)

'We are all creatures of habits and skills that are deeply ingrained in all of us. While we use, perfect, and learn them in our everyday life, they become our Second Nature without our conscious thought. At the same time it represents the new us, our physical and mental rebirth, in the end a better us. From my point of view, it is the image of the Second album: the Second or new chapter in life, the Second or a new chance to become better in everything I do, and everything I am.' - FLEGMA

'Second Nature' symbolizes FLEGMA's second studio album that will take you on a real psychedelic progressive trip. It all starts with ancestral sounds of 'Tunkul', taking you slowly through downtempo tribal sounds into a world of FLEGMA psy-prog groove - 'PsyBizarre'.

Taking the next step, you will find your 'Second Nature' and loose yourself to 'The Dance Of Trance'. You will loose yourself, you will loose your personality, you forget your name, you forget your job, you forget your status, you forget your future, you forget your past... and what you're involved in is now, and now... is blissful!

And as the journey goes on, you reach the 'Desert of Real' where you won't be able to recognize illusions from reality, time and space will vanish and you will feel like an 'Inok' - a one who lives alone - hermit, anchorite. And that's where you will find your true inner self, in a 'Mirror Universe'. Only then, you will be able to reach the final state of 'Ultima'.

Album contains 8 solo tracks and 2 collaborations with Zyce and Relativ, all packed and signed with well-known FLEGMA sound: energetic & groovy bass-line, progressive rhythmic, hypnotic breaks and intertwining melodies.